Standerd Description:

"Loose steel tubes for tubes and coupler scaffolds"

Tube Nominal Value (Type 4)Nominal Value (Type 3)TolerancesPieces per Bundles
Wall thickness43.2-10%36
Outside diameter(mm) (Including Ovality)48.348.3± 0.5 mm36
Inside diameter, (mm)40.341.9 36
Mass (Kg/m)4.373.56-7.50%36

Note: *The inside diameter of tubes shall allow insertion of a gauge of diameter 37.7 mm for a minimum length of 200mm*

Steel Grade name Steel Grade number % C
% Si
% Mn
% P
% S
% AL

a. ≤ 0.05 % (range1) (≤ 0.04 % if the orfer specified the Si content shall be limted) or ≥ .015 ≤ 0.25
b. When bare tubes are specified the range shall be reported at the time of enquiry and order

Steel Grade nameSteel Grade numberYield strength ''Reh'' min MPaTensile strength ''Rm'' MPaElongation ''A'' min %